My Family

I grew up in a large family and I was the second of nine children. My parents, Rose and Joe Sr., wanted me to be a role model for my younger sisters and brothers, but it wasn’t always easy. Sometimes, I got into mischief, but I tried my best.

My older brother, Joe Jr., and I were close but also very competitive. Our mother and father encouraged us to be competitive and hard working. They also taught us the importance of family and caring for one another.

My family and I at the beach in Hyannis Port, MA. I'm on the top left in the back row.
I'm on the right with my brother Joe Jr.

Connection to the future:

My family was very close, and we always supported each other. When I ran for president in 1960, my entire family worked to get me elected. My younger brother, Bobby, later became one of my closest and most trusted advisors.

My mother, sisters, and I at WNAC-TV, Boston during my 1952 campaign for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts.
That's me on the left with my younger brother Bobby.